Herbal Cooling Boost Soup Mix

(Main Ingredients):

(Chinese Yam) 15g

(Lotus Seeds) 15g

(Fox Nut Barley) 15g

(Job’s Tear) 15g

(Lily Root Bulb) 15g

(Red Date) 15g

(Goji Berries) 15g

(Radix Glehniae) 15g

(Polygonatum Odoratum) 15g

(Honey Dates) 35g


Step 1: Wash all ingredients. Optional: Blanch and add meat (not included)

Step 2: With all the ingredients in a stock pot, add 1.5 Liter of water and boil on high heat.

Step 3: Switch to medium to low heat and simmer for about 2 hours, season with salt.




Soup Made Easy!

(Herbal Cooling Boost Soup Mix) 

  • Selected from High-Quality Herbs
  • Traditional recipe for the popular Chinese Healing Soup
  • All natural and made with real, chemical-free food
  • Naturally helps to flush toxins from the body and restore the Qi, and makes you feel balanced and re-energized
  • Helps to detoxify the body, nourish the kidneys and lungs, and build up the blood
  • 3-4 Servings
  • Net Weight: 6oz



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