Shipping Policy

What are the conveyance charges?

Conveyance accuse fluctuates of every Seller.

Dealers bring about generally higher transportation costs on low esteem things. In such cases, charging an ostensible conveyance charge causes them counterbalance coordination’s costs. The conveyance charge might be deferred off by a few Sellers, in the event that you shop with them for a base predefined esteem.

For instance, dealer WS Retail charges $20 for conveyance per thing if the request esteem is under $50. While, requests of $50 or above are conveyed free. If it’s not too much trouble check with individual Sellers to comprehend their conveyance charges.

Why does the conveyance date not relate to the conveyance course of events of X-Y business days?

It is conceivable that the Seller or our messenger accomplices have an occasion between the day your submitted your request and the date of conveyance, which depends on the courses of events appeared on the item page. For this situation, we add a day to the assessed date. Some dispatch accomplices and Sellers don’t chip away at Sundays and this is considered into the conveyance dates.

What is the evaluated conveyance time?

Dealers for the most part obtain and ship the things inside the time determined on the item page. Business days reject open occasions and Sundays.

Evaluated conveyance time relies on upon the accompanying components:

The Seller offering the item

Item’s accessibility with the Seller

The goal to which you need the request dispatched to and area of the Seller.

Are there any shrouded costs (charges) on things sold by Sellers on Nnjenterprise?

There are NO concealed charges when you make a buy on Nnjenterprise. List costs are last and comprehensive. The value you see on the item page is precisely what you would pay.

Conveyance charges are not concealed charges and are charged (if by any means) additional relying upon the Seller’s transportation arrangement.

Why does the assessed conveyance time change for every dealer?

You have presumably seen differing assessed conveyance times for venders of the item you are occupied with. Conveyance times are impacted by item accessibility, geographic area of the Seller, you’re transportation goal and the messenger accomplice’s a great opportunity to-convey in your area.

It would be ideal if you enter your default stick code on the item page (you don’t need to enter it each and every time) to know more precise conveyance times on the item page itself.

Merchant does not/can’t ship to my range. Why?

Kindly enter your goal postal code on the item page (you don’t need to enter it each and every time) to know whether the item can be conveyed to your area.

On the off chance that you haven’t given your postal code until the checkout organize, the postal code in your delivery deliver will be utilized to check for serviceability.

Regardless of whether your area can be overhauled or not relies on upon

Regardless of whether the Seller boats to your area

Legitimate limitations, assuming any, in transportation specific items to your area

The accessibility of dependable messenger accomplices in your area

On occasion Sellers incline toward not to ship to specific areas. This is totally at their caution.

Why is the Cash/Check on Delivery choice not offered in my area?

Accessibility of Cash/Check on Delivery relies on upon the capacity of our dispatch accomplice overhauling your area to acknowledge money as installment at the season of conveyance.

Our dispatch accomplices have confines on the money sum payable on conveyance relying upon the goal and your request esteem may have surpassed this farthest point. If you don’t mind enter your stick code on the item page to check if Cash/Check on Delivery is accessible in your area.

I have to restore a thing, how would I mastermind a get?

Returns are simple. Get in touch with Us to start an arrival. You will get a call clarifying the procedure, once you have started an arrival.

Wherever conceivable Fedex will encourage the get of the thing. On the off chance that, the get can’t be orchestrated through Fedex, you can restore the thing through an outsider messenger benefit. Return charges are borne by the Seller.

What do the distinctive labels like “In Stock”, “Accessible” mean?

‘In Stock’

For things recorded as “In Stock”, Sellers will specify the conveyance time in view of your area postal code (as a rule 2-3 business days, 4-5 business days or 4-6 business days in ranges where standard messenger administration is accessible). For different regions, requests will be sent by Registered Post through the Royal Mail Service which may take 1-2 weeks relying upon the area.


The Seller won’t not have the thing in stock but rather can acquire it when a request is put for the thing. The conveyance time will rely on upon the evaluated acquirement time and the assessed sending time to your area.

‘Pre-request’ or “Anticipated”

Such things are required to be discharged soon and can be pre-reserved for you. The thing will be sent to you upon the arrival of it’s authentic discharge dispatch and will contact you in 2 to 6 business days. The request length changes from thing to thing. Once known, discharge time and date is said. (Case. 31 dec, Feb third week)

‘Out of Stock’

At present, the thing is not accessible available to be purchased. Utilize the ‘Inform Me’ highlight to know once it is accessible for procurement.


Now and then, things must be sourced by Sellers from outside nations. These things are said as “Transported in” on the item page and can take no less than 10 days or more to be conveyed to you.

‘Back In Stock Soon’

The thing is prominent and is sold out. You can however “book” a request for the item and it will be transported by the timetables specified by the Seller.

‘Incidentally Unavailable’

The item is right now out of stock and is not accessible for procurement. The item could to be in stock soon. Utilize the ‘Inform Me’ highlight to know when it is accessible for procurement.

‘For all time Discontinued’

This item is no longer accessible in light of the fact that it is out of date or potentially its creation has been ceased.

‘No longer available’

This item is not accessible on the grounds that it is never again being distributed and has been for all time ceased.

Does Nnjenterprise convey globally?

Starting at now, Nnjenterprise. doesn’t convey things universally.

You will have the capacity to make your buys on our site from anyplace on the planet with credit/charge cards issued in more than 21 nations, however please guarantee the conveyance address is right.